Sunday, September 4, 2011


Back in the USA my dad would grill sometimes. In Belgium my family grills alot. Last night, for example, the family had a barbaque with my moms sisters family. As the grown ups cooked, all the kids (and I) played soccer and other unique games. Finally, at 8:30pm we started dinner, which is around the same time my host family and I usually eat. In Belgium the people call breakfeast dejeuner, lunch diner, and dinner soupe. If I had dinner in France then they would call it diner (breakfeast petit dejeuner and lunch dejeuner). Belgium and France both speak the same language but the accents and some of the terms are different. I don't mind because I would rather have dinner or "soupe" with my host family in Belgium than anywhere else because I love it here. I miss my dads grilling but I am sure I can do plenty of that when I return.

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