Saturday, September 10, 2011

Belgium things that contrast to American things

*Nutella to Belgians is what peanut butter is to Americans (there is not a lot of peanut butter here)
*Crêpes are the new pancakes
*Belgians eat so many baguettes that is could be their main dish
*The windows can open from right to left and up
*There are two optional buttons for the toilets
*Eating hours are 9am, 12:30pm, and 19pm
*Military time is the only time
*Huge watches are extremely popular. I think the reason my classmates have wristwatches is because there are not clocks in my school. The clocks that are available in St. Rock are either wrong or broken which is worse.
*Menu's for restaurants are posted outside (its the law)
*People can legally drink at 16 but can't drive until 18
*Beer and Wine are extremely popular because it is intergrated into their culture and even the teenagers drink as much as they eat cheese
*Trains are the most popular way to travel and the only way I can really travel (besides buses)
*Food is fresher and better in Belgium, only when they are not eating french friens and meat balls covered with syrup; sometimes they eat sandiches that compose simply of french fries
*French the most popular language in the southern part of Belgium because the northern half speaks Dutch and a small region speaks German
*Scarfs are extremely popular, so much so that, even the boys wear them.
*Most Belgians have new and amazing cars but live in ancient houses.
*It is hard to find my way around my school because they have classrooms inside of classrooms
*Chalk boards are old school but my school is old school (literally)
*The students in my school study one hour of chemistry, physics, and biology within the same week.
*When my teacher enters my German class, which I attend with cute, little 12 year olds, everyone must stand up. I believe its a sign of respect but in my classes with the 18 year olds no one stands.
*Most people have short hair
*It is contantly raining and the atmosphere relates to the twilight series setting
*languages are extremely important
*Hugging is almost nonexistant because everyone kisses each other on the cheek. Some people in France kiss each other 4 times and maybe more! Party life would get complicated with this custom in my opinion.
*Many of the belgian vending machines have beer in them!
*Belgian keyboards have more interesting buttons because they have all the fun accents english speakers do not have. The letters are also placed differently for their convenience.
*The students study all the time and do not get out as much as the students in America. The catholic schools are strict and difficult
*The belgian children rely more on their families because they either work a little or not at all (it's against the law for teenagers to work long hours).
*Belgium has a king and didn't have a goverment for a periode of time, whereas America has it's presidents and the goverment is strictly organised
*Healthcare is available to everyone and is obligatory
*Every product is more expensive because of the 25% tax
*The euro is used instead of the dollar
*The most popular sports are soccer and horse back riding
*Males and females are more seperate in Belgium. For example, my gym class consists of only girls and the boys are taught by another teacher
*Automatic cars are more popular in America. Belgians mostly drive white, gray, or black cars that have stick control
*Most of the T.V. shows are either dumbed over or have subtitles in Belgium
*The Belgian banks close around 12:00 and is not open on Sundays
*Most American stores stay open for most of the week and usually for 24 hours, while Belgian stores close around 6:00 p.m.
*The material that belgian houses are constructed with are either brick or bolders

" In America, 100 years is a very long time while for Belgiums, 100 miles is a lifetime away."
Countries vairy according to their size, history, relationships, traditions economie, goverment, etc. America is a young nation, yet its existance has impacted its citizen's lives in ways that can be overlooked to themselves. In every country, the normal life is not the same. Americans and Belgians have their different life styles, but, in the end, we are all human.

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  1. I love Nutella! Nutella on crepes is even better.
    When we went to England & Paris this last summer, it was so different! If you don’t take the underground or the train, you walk! I loved it.
    It sounds like you’re having a wonderful time! You’ll have to post some photos so we can see what it’s like.