Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bonne Anniversaire Noël

My first Belgian Birthday party invite was awesome. I love Noël's house because it has all these old paintings and art everywhere. And when I went to use the bathroom I discovered that the door is too small for me so I had to duck. It was so cute! Speaking of bathrooms, there is a sink in Noël's room. I have never seen a sink in anyones room before in the USA but its practical and I think its a good idea. I ADORE her room even more because it is orange: the best color in the world ;) My other friend, Pauline, likes the same color as well. Its almost like it was meant to be. After we ate pasta, chips, chocolate, and other goodies, my friends and I walked to Theux (its so convienent how close everthing is!). Before we went to sleep at 2 or 3 in the morning, Noël painted my nails and I painted Pierre's nails. I hope that he enjoyed the nail polish even though he is a boy (lol). I came to the birthday party with a cold (rhume). I wasn't the only one; Pauline and my other friend had a cold as well. We were blowing our noses together all night long. The next morning, during breakfast, I tasted some chocolate with "speculoos." I am sorry to say that I did not enjoy it but I love "pâte a tartine de speculoos lotus." Miam! We also made chocolate chip cookies. Back in the USA my sister and I would make cookie dough batter and eat it without baking it. My friends thought I was crazy but we snuck some cookie dough batter as well. Poor Pierre had to bike home after the party was over because he biked to Noël's house from his work the previous day :( He is a tough guy so he will survive. The next Friday is Pierre's birthday and I bought him a candy stick from Belgium and Starburst from America, therefore, he can get the best of both worlds. I love birthdays!

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