Friday, September 2, 2011


Louisa (my 12 year old host sister) and I made crêpes for fun because we were bored. Belgium is famous for their waffels so there is no need of pancakes, but the crêpe is similar to a pancake yet better. My host mom helped us make the batter for the crêpes because she is an amazing cook; she did not even use measuring cups. Louisa showed me how to bake the crêpe on the pan and even how to flip it! I messes up a few crêpes but we ended up with 20 so it was ok. When the delicious crêpes were done we spred a generous amount of nutella (an extremely popular chocolate spred that is not real chocolate) on it and enjoyed. I love crêpes so much! I don`t think I could ever look at a pancake the same because it pales in comparison. If you want to attempt to make a crêpe a recipe is listed below in english (for those non-french speakers). Feel free to put chocolate, strawberry sause, peanut butter, or other fun spreds on your crêpe before you eat it.

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