Thursday, September 8, 2011

Field trip!

Its only the first week of school and I am already in love with it. On my 4th day of school, instead 
of a normal day at school, my classmates and I biked for 25 kilometers to a forest. I went so fast 
that they called me the queen biker. When we got to the forest we chopped up some trees and 
learned about Belgian forestry. After our lumber jacking adventure we watched a film called "into 
the wild" (in french) and had a barbecue. I hung out at my new Belgian friend's house after eating a whole bunch of food similar to hot dogs. Then, I went home to eat homemade crêpes. I am 
totally convinced that this Belgian school is way cooler then my school back home. Hudson High 
School is still great but St. Rock rocks my socks.

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