Sunday, September 18, 2011

School :)

The school I go to in Belgium is called St. Rock. It's actually pronounced how it is spelt in english. My school is catholic and is a little strict but I love that the teachers care about the students education. St. Rock used to be a boarding school for boys and was occupied by Germans for a long period. It does not feel homey but its
          great because it
looks like a miniature castle. On campus there are buildings for each grade with its own staff, bell, and stuff. The cafeteria is reserved for younger grades so I eat the lunch my host mom makes me. During the week I only have one gym class but its intense. I swear everyone are athletes. Before we play anything in our gym class we all must run for 30 minutes around the school. I love soccer, running, skiing, and what not so I always turn out to be the 3rd endurance runner. Physical education is different compared to Hudson High School (the school I graduated from in Wisconsin) because it is not co-ed. I have english/french classes but German and Spanish are also apart of my schedule. The people there are great and learning in French is fun, as well as challenging.

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