Friday, September 30, 2011


During my school day I have lots of free time because I have a small schedule; the school is allowing me to study just a few classes until I get better at my french. There is a special room for "fourche"- a class for those who do not have class. I did not want to go to that room so I decided to work in the computer lab on the top floor. No one was there so I had the whole room to myself. After hanging out and working like a mad man the bell finally rang for "pose"- a break for everyone after the first 2 hours of class. I slowly gathered my things and headed for the door but when I tried to pry it open, it refused to budge! I was locked in from the outside by some unknown and oblivious person. I peeked through the key hole but no one was around to come to my aide. Since it was break time everyone usually goes outside and no one stays on the top floor during this brief period of freedom. So, I waited, and waited, and waited....and waited until my hero, or heros, came to my rescue. A random pack of Belgians discovered me and retrieved the key and set me free. I was so happy that I flew down the stairs and outside to enjoy my pose but, however, when I got through the door and wafted in the fresh air the bell rang, ending my adventure. I enjoyed the rest of my classes as I usually do. By the end of the day my little incident became known to everyone (why would any person keep this funny little happening to themselves?). Oh well, I am just glad I did not have to hang out with the computers all day.

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