Saturday, September 3, 2011


When my host dad (Pascal) first mentioned VTT to me I did not know what it was. Within the French language I thought it was just some form of slang or a word of not too much importance. Luckily, Pascal explained to me that VTT is actually a big sport in Belgium that he enjoys with his friends. He asked me if I would like to go with him and I accepted without any hesitations. From what Pascal told me, it seemed to be a form of biking but more intense because people bike on rocky trails and hilly areas. I was in for quite the adventure because it was not what I expected. The hills were like mountains and the rocks were similar to boulders that I had to dodge if I wanted to survive. Pascal and I were going so fast that I could not see the path beneath me at times and parts of the path so narrow that I thought I would stumble to my death down the mountainous area. We biked, however, without any faults. I love VTT and would do it again in a heard beat. Belgium is full of surprises and I can`t wait for the next spontaneous voyage.

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  1. VTT stands for Vélo tout terrain, which translates to all-terrain bicycle. Better known as mountain bike.