Sunday, October 2, 2011

12km Kayak

Every month Rotary organizes activities for the exchange students. I love these activities because it not only gives me a break from my french, but I also get to see my friends from all over the world. I double kayaked with my friend from Iowa who is obsessed with DND. I never played it but she is going to teach me. The river was lower than usual so we got stuck a lot. We kept jumping in and out of the kayak trying to drag ourselves through the river. Half way through our voyage the kayak already was half filled with water. I was not a very experienced kayaker and my friend was "in the same boat as me." (an english expression). We found these two nice looking guys to dump our kayak. I find that Belgians are stronger than they

seem. After we arrived at our destination we ate waffles and "frites"- belgian french fries. I do not know why people call them french fries when they originated from Belgium. French fries should actually be called Belgian fries to be historically correct. The one thing I loved the most about this experience is all the castles, the rocks, and the random swimming cows I got to see.

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