Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fort d'Eben-Emael

It is the perfect day to go for a walk but even a better day to go on another Rotary mini trip. I got to leave school early on this beautiful Wednesday because my train for Liège passes through my town before my school finishes. Every Wednesday all the students are done with their classes before lunch so it was not too inconvenient to leave a little earlier. From the train station all the exchange students used the Rotary bus to get to the Fort, which was built during WWII. I could never imagine living there because windows do not exist there and no sunlight can be found. After the tour the Rotary people gave us pie and it was delicious! Usually they give us waffles but today was special. My friends and I walked around and found a corn field with space ship shaped objects. We tasted the corn but it was really gross. Do not try corn unless you cook it because it is not worth loosing your teeth. This Wednesday was extra special because it was my friends birthday, so we sang to her in French and we ate Japanese candy. On the train ride home, while I was walking through the train cars, the doors closed on me. Everyone freaked out but I am ok. Luckily I did not loose an arm or leg ;) I noticed that whenever I ride the train there are always newspaper laying around. We tried to read one but it was in Dutch. Almost everyone in Europe speaks more than one language but in America it is not as encouraged. Most people in America speak english and are not motivated to learn another language since there are not many language barriers. In Europe, your neighbor does not speak the same language, therefore, its convenient to learn their language. As we were reminiscing about languages on the train my station arrived. When I get off the train I tried to push a button to open the doors but it would not budge. I repeatedly pressed the button but that still did not work. Finally, my friend told me the platform was on the other side. I turned around and went to the other side of the train to try that button and it worked! I guess the train knows not to open the door that leads to the track and only to the platform. Trains are so confusing because even the buttons and doors are complicated.

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