Friday, October 14, 2011

Horaire de l'école

I attend a catholic high school in Theux that is old as rocks but has great teachers. I do not have many problems with my school but my schedule is one of them. Since the day I started school my schedule has changed every week. It's not anyones fault the schedules are messed up but if I was to pass the blame on anything it would be the complexity of timing and organizing classes in a high school. Every grade, consisting of many subjects that teachers and students teach and learn, need a place and time to explore their information. The school is overpopulated so each grade is split into 3 groups. Every grade with each group have the same classes but at different times to avoid having 75 students per teacher. For example, my foreign exchange friend from Equador is in the senoir year with me but I do not see her because she is in a different group. The new directer at my school is trying to make everything work with each grade and every group but 2 months of attempting these experimental schedules have not been enough time. My poor english teacher is trying to help organize all the foreign exchange students schedules with all this mess. The situation is even worse because the exchange students and I have schedules that consist of classes in other grades other than our own. Sometimes I cant find a class; not because I do not know where the location is supposed to be but because teachers are scheduled to have the same classroom at the same time and one leaves while the other stays. I would be surprised by the end of the day if I walked out of school having attended all my required classes. Just writing all this information down is making my head spin. Even though attendence is hard to accomplish, all that matters is that I learn a little french by the end of each day.

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