Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm Confused how about you?

This day, the 22nd of October, is my first french film in Belgium. The events leading to this moment, however, was quite complex. Before this day arrived I was in school hanging out with my friends when they mentioned that there was no school that friday. I told my host sister but she already knew before hand because she was planning to go to the cinema in Verviers with her friend. Of course she invited me and I accepted without complaint. It was cool that I was going with my 12 year old host sister but I also wanted to bring my friends too. The next day I invited all my foreign friends and I told them I would facebook them later that day at 8 o'clock after my after school french class. Our organized session did not happen at the planned time because my other friend at my french class needed a ride home so I got home later than our rendez-vous. Luckily, they were still on facebook when I got home. I felt obligated to connect with them right away but I was starving because I usually eat right after I get home. So after our long conversation I finally got to eat around 10 o'clock then went to bed. Anyway, my host sister, her friend, and I went to the cinema the next day. I searched for my friends but they were nowhere to be found. They were supposed to meet me there and I tried calling them without success. A few minutes before the movie commenced my other foreign friend spotted me and came over to say hello. I previously invited my friend Odette to the movies but she said she was hanging out with her family. To my convenience they already finished their movie and odette decided to watch the same movie again with me. My host sister and I were going to see a children's movie previously but they decided to go to a different film and Odette and I to another. It was lots of fun because Odette and I had the whole theatre to ourselves so we talked as loud as we liked. I could understand the film even though it was in French; it was amazing how I could understand even though I practically knew no french before I came to Belgium. Soon the movie ended and Odette and I searched for my host sister and her friend. And long and behold there was my two other foreign friends, sitting at the cinema café, talking to  my host sister. They explained to me that they mixed up the bus times and arrived later than our original rendez-vous. They would have watched the same movie with us but they went to the wrong movie because Odette, my host sister, my host sisters friend, and I all went to different movies than was planned the day before. So, in the end I watched a different movie with a different friend that was contrary to my plans. I am starting to think that planning specifics of an event is pointless because any spontaneous thing can happen: life is so unpredictable.

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