Wednesday, October 12, 2011

J'ai Un Rhume

When I reflect on the weather in Belgium I think about the Twilight series. The story in Twilight takes place in a town with a rainy, dark, and foggy atmosphere. There are not any vampires in Belgium but it resembles the fabricated town of Forks in Twilight. I do not understand how Bella, the main character in Twilight, could not catch a cold. For almost a month a cold has followed me and everywhere I go I leave a trail of tissues in return. I wish I could be like Edward, the immortal vampire who is immune to all sicknesses. I would not mind the pale skin, sharp teeth, and unquenchable thirst for blood that vampires experience, if I could stop my nose from running like a faucet. I am not alone in my sufferings because my classmates, teachers, and family all share this common sickness. Surprisingly, when a sick teacher does not come to school no one calls for a substitute. This would never happen in the United States but then again, anything is possible in a land that could be the perfect place for breeding vampires.

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