Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Locked Out

Similar to most exchange students, my schedule is shorter than usual. Most of my days I start school late and walk my sister home afterwards because we finish at the same time. The first time I was able to leave school early I decided to walk home by myself because my host sister did not finish until a few hours later. Halfway through my journey I discovered I needed to use the bathroom so I quickened my pace. Once I arrived at the door I tried to open it but it was locked! My host family has a special place for the key in a hiding place near the front entry way. They forgot to show me the hiding place and no one was around to come to my aide. I searched and searched but to no avail and my bladder was not feeling any better as the minutes passed. It was up to me to find a new solution to my problem because I knew there would not be enough time for me to go back to school to relieve myself. I walked to the back of the house and tried the back doors, but they were firmly shut and locked; that is when I noticed the roof. My back yard has several levels and one level is even with the roof. I regarded my widow which rests toward the middle of the roof next to the chimney. I was so desperate for a portal to my house that I started to climb to my open window from the yard. After I jumped through my window I rushed to the bathroom just in time. After my crisis was averted my sister came through the door, key in hand, smiled at me and asked me how my day was. After I asked where she found the house key she showed me the one place I did not look. All I can say is, is that desperate times calls for drastic measures.

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