Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Home Country's Exams

I was talking with my foreign friend from Equator as she was studying for the ACTs. I noticed her big stack of flash cards and numerous notes, which were all in advanced english. I was surprised because her second language was english, spanish her first, and french becoming her third. She wants to go to college in America but she must take the ACTs and the U.S. immigration test. I never really thought about how biased our test system is until I met my friend Ana. For example, colleges in the north will only accept students after they take the ACTs and in the south everyone must take the SATs. These two tests have different names and some of the contents are also different but it attempts to measure the same thing: accumulative knowledge. It analyzes 4 subjects including; math, science, english, and writing. The biggest problem with this test is that is it only in english and does not assess other languages. So, even if a foreigner is extremely smart and motivated he or she will fail the test because the english and writing portion is impossible (unless he or she already learned english). The ACTs were extremely easy for me but for Ana it will be strenuous. The same situation is true with the U.S. immigration exam. I understand that America wants its citizens to know its mother language and its history but my country is not foreign friendly when it comes to admissions. I think it is overall easier to immigrate to other countries but every situation is different. I just hope that Ana will success and I know with her determination I doubt any language barrier can stand in her way.

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