Saturday, October 8, 2011

Namur Déjà

When listening to a lecture it can either be totally benificial to the listener or useless depending if the listener already has the knowledge of the information. Today I went to a lecture that was painful for me because I had to sit through about 5 hours of lecturing from Rotary about stuff they already talked about. When you sit down and realize this after a few minutes you also have an epiphany that there is no route of escape due to social edict. Time seemed to pass slower and everything other than the lecture became the center of attention for everyone. It was not all bad because some parts were funny. The Belgians attempted to speak in English and it was so cute. They sound just like me when I try to speak french. For example, the pictures above demonstrates how translation can easily be misinterpreted. "YOU SAY NO DRIVE" is actually "we say that you can not drive." The Rotarians also have a rule for "YOU SAY NO DATE." They say that they do not want us to date in the powerpoint but they told us at the meeting it was ok, just not to take it too far. They also imply we cannot drink but its ok if rotary gives it to us, if my family gives it to me, or in other specific situations. By the end of the powerpoint I did not know what the rules were anymore because it was so deceptive. Afterwards the foreign exchange students went on a boat ride. It felt like we were traveling through a wind storm. No one had the proper clothing to defend themselves from this aerial attack, therefore, we used each other as shields like the penguines. Fun fact: penguines live in Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand, America, and Africa. If someone tells you penguines live in the north it is FALSE! FAUX! The north is not good enough for the penguines so they reject it, like us human foreigners on the Rotary boat. When we finally departed from our ship of misery my friends and I all took the same train home. Two of my daring friends decided to leave to buy pitas in Liège before the train arrived. The train came but they had not returned. I called to warn them and they returned just in time to hop on before it left. I strongly reprimanded them for their spontaneousness but all foreign exchange students behave in somewhat the same way. Its always stressful to miss a train and being seperated from the group can be dangerous and lonely. But as I like to say: "all ends that ends well" or "c'est le vie;" the same goes for those penguins.

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