Tuesday, October 4, 2011

On Y Va!

The students of St. Rock and I went to Brussels for a bike ride. We took the train but this is bizarre for me because my school in America uses school buses for field trips. Its convenient for the students in America because they do not have to pay for transportation to school because the government provides school buses. Anyway, when we arrived we rented some bikes and toured around the city. I enjoyed looking at all the old buildings, art, and the forest. It was difficult at times to maneuver around traffic but no one got run over thankfully! On the train ride home I hung out with my Belgian friends and my foreign friend from Equator.  We were singing christmas songs from our home countries and it was fun to compare the differences between our "little worlds." I definitely would not hesitate to go biking with my classmates and teacher again if I had the chance. School is so much fun.

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