Monday, October 3, 2011

Pass the mushrooms please!

Passer l'champignons s'il vous plaît! As I would say in my Belgian home.
My Sunday was not your typical every weekly Sunday because I went mushroom hunting with my family. mushrooms, or champignons, breed here like wild fire during the dry season. It is not dry here but constantly raining, hencefore, Belgium has the perfect climate for "champignons" to reign. I enjoys marching through the forests and strolling around the cow filled and hilly country. It is very beautfil and peaceful. That same Sunday my host mom cooked our champignons sauvages and we ate it on egg sandwiches. I eat eggs almost everyday because my family adopted another family that consists of chickens. Every morning I feed the chickens and its so much fun when they follow you around. I want to learn to be a champignon expert before I go home so when I come back I can live on champignons sauvages.

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