Sunday, November 6, 2011

After Spain

The day I got back from Spain I had to go work at a theatre for Rotary. It was quite simple, all I had to do was hang up peoples coats and speak french. After Estefy (my rotary foreign friend from Equator) and I finished we went to watch the play. It was fun at first but then I started to get really tired. The combination of no sleep for a week from my trip to Spain and attempting to translation french made me almost slip into a coma. Estefy wasn't paying attention because she thought it was boring. She came to Belgium with no previous knowledge of french but with a little english. It makes sense that she was ill entertained because she did not understand. She speaks great english now but still doesn't speak french. I think its funny that she is in Belgium and learned the wrong language (even though english is an important language as well). Overall I am glad I had my first experience of a play in French.

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