Wednesday, November 30, 2011


My social science class in 6ème and from 5ème organized a trip to Bruxelles, the capital of Belgium. We learned about global warming and information about Bolivia. One of the activities we participated in was an reenactment of various occupations in Bolivia. Among my group my character was a teacher. Consequentially, I wore a poncho and a cowboy hat (since the attire of South Americans includes these articles of clothing). Everything was in French so I did not learn much but we drank sugar tea and I enjoyed it. Finally, we left to see the Atomium. I learned that the monument in Brussels was built in 1958. It stands 335 ft and suspends 9 steel spheres in the air. The symbolic atom was not meant to survive beyond its original exhibition but today it is now a historic figure. My Ecuadorian friend and I had a blast learning some history, looking at objects, and wandering around.

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