Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chapitre III de Espagne

     It was already the 3rd day of our voyage and we were going to spend the day in Bilbo, Spain. After we took the bus into town we were allowed to walk around again and shop. My friends and I found this little pizza joint to each lunch. It was a bad experience because the pizza wasn't cooked all the way and there was a strange stentch. With much relief we left that pizza joint within no time. Soon we all gathered to tour the Guggenheim musium. As we looked at the beautiful paintings the tour guide was telling use its history in French.
     Afterwards, as I toured the streets I noticed the Halloween costumes that people wore. Its true that Halloween is more significant in America but some people in Spain partake in the festivities. None of the exchange students had costumes, including me, but we blended in with the crowd. The shops, appartments, and houses were extremely tall and close together. When I looked up I would always see laundry hanging from the windows and cloths lines that cris-crossed between the buildings. I mostly hung out with the people from Australia and my best friend from Germany. Even on the exchange the people formed clicks and groups. I was the only American so I was the odd one but my friend was the only girl from Germany so we stook together. For supper, we came back to the hotel. One one the Australians was a vegitarian so all she ate was salade. She didn't starve because she ate loads of ice cream and candy. Its really hard for her to be a vegitarian but she sticks to her beliefs, even if she must eat candy instead of meat.

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