Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chapitre IV de Espagne

     My favorite hotel during our visit in Spain was the hotel in Bilbao because of the huge buffet available during breakfeast hours. Every kind of food you could imagine filled a room that could feed at least a hundred people. There was cereal, hot chocolate, eggs, toast, fancy donuts, foreign fruits, trays of meat, cookies, and so much more. It made me wonder what they did with the left overs... Our next visit was the town of Burgos. The town was really small and didn't have much but it overlooked the ocean. It was especially windy that day so the waves were enormous. Before I went swimming I decided to do some rock climbing on one of the bolders scattered across the sandy beach. If I did happen to fall during my climb I would have plunged into the raging waves but I didn't. After my seul climbing my German friend Doreen and I trudged through the ocean waves and I swallowed a mouthful of salt water. I don't like the feel of the salty ocean water on my lips because it leaves a lasting stinging feeling.
     After we got dressed we needed to find a bathroom but there was parely a town, nontheless a bathroom. We did find an outdoor public bathroom but it was excotic. When a person is finished with this particular bathroom it self cleans itself. This cleaning process takes a long time so all the exchange students would leave the door open a crack while they used it so the next person in line could use the bathroom straight away after the person before used it. When it was my group leader turn to use the bathroom one of the exchange students accidently closed the bathroom door. The bathroom started its self cleaning procedure and in an instant the group leader gave a big yelp of surprise and jumped through the door. She was drenched but she forgave the exchange student who closed the door on her. Soon enough we went back to the hotel to eat dinner like we did every night before. The hotel waiters served us sea food but it was gross because the shrimp didn't look like they were dead. I took one look into their black beety eyes and decided not to eat them. I am not a vegitarian but I have a hard time eating meat and sea food that looks too lively; it makes me feel sick. Instead of eating the fishy supper I ate these foreign, spanish peanutes in town with my foreign friends from South America and Australia. We had a long debat about philosophy, the meaning of life, motivation, creation, and the purpose of life as we walked amoung the inhabitants of Spain. We didn't stay in town long because some strange people were stalking us. We were so scared that we ran all the way back to the hotel, all 15 of us girls at the same time (we looked like a mob). It wasn't until 2 o'clock in the morning that I fell into my bed to sleep. 

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