Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chapitre V de Espagne

     Our next day was spent visiting San Sebastian, Biarritz, then Toulouse. Unfortunately we had to travel a lot on the bus but it gave everyone, including me, lots of time to sleep off the night before. We occasionally stopped to use the bathroom or to shop. I prefer the small Spanish shops because they care easy to access, friendly, lively, and cheap. When I was walking through the shops I couldn't help but reflect on my missions trip to Mexico last year.
     Mexico and Spain are very similar in their culture, language, and landscape. After we crossed the boarder into France I recall one particular grocerystore worker. My German Friend Doreen and I were buying lunch and we stopped to talk to the cashier for amusement. He was cute so it was worth spending our time in the grocery store. I also enjoyed using my french speaking skills. The next place where we slept was a small hostel. Compared to the 4 star hotels we slept in this was quite different. Not enough rooms were available so the boys had to squish many people in their rooms. I didn't mind sitting outside with the others and just talking. Its fun to do new things but I took much pleasure at this hostel in the middle of no where with my best friends just sitting, talking, and enjoying each others company.

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