Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chapitre VI de Espagne

     The grand finally was our second to the last day of our voyage. In the early hours of our morning we surveyed the Eiffel Tower. I touched the Eiffel Tower for the first time and I am proud of it! The combination of the rays of the rising sun and the fog transformed the Eiffel Tower into a lively, looming object of history. To my displeasure we observed most of the monuments of Paris through the windows of our traveling bus. Succeeding our tour of Paris and another museum, we left for Toulouse to spend 5 hours of free time. Doreen and I found a CD shop and danced to some Jamaican music. We where tired afterwards so we sat in a court that resembled a park. To my disbelief Doreen started talking to these 2 strangers. The men asked if they could sit next to us and Doreen gave them the affirmative. Doreen and I were sandwiched between them so one guy talked to me as Doreen spoke to the other. I felt uncomfortable as this stranger was interrogating me with lots of private questions. Eventually I said I needed to use the bathroom to get us out of that position. I was the older one between Doreen and I so it was my responsibility to save us from that potentially dangerous situation. Maybe the reason why Doreen did not foresee the mistake of inviting the older men into our company was because she is only 16 and still innocent.
     When we where looking for the "bathrooms" Doreen got hungry so we went to Quick (the equivalent of the American McDonald's). Strangely enough the Quick had shakes that tasted just like the ice cream drink called a blizzard from the McDonald's from my town; it was a blast from the past. We still didn't want to walk around so we searched for the closest movie theatre. Doreen was teaching me how to say small phrases in german as I was teaching her some english. I was so proud of her progress that I gave her a high five. A middle aged man in the crowd saw us and asked for a high five too. He tried to hit on us but I didn't give him the time of the day (I was still recovering from my first encounter with the other men). Thankfully Doreen wasn't interested either. We bid farewell to the stranger and left to watch "TinTin;"my second french film. The movie was definitely more enjoyable than the first film I saw (Secret Identity).
     That night we slept on the bus like we did the first day of our journey. Everyone was so exhausted that the discomforts of the stiff chairs didn't affect our ability to sleep (on the other hand I slept on the floor to avoid the chairs).

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