Monday, November 21, 2011

Dernier Chapitre de Espagne

     After a short night on the bus we arrived in the city of Liège. It was a tearful event as people said their goodbyes. A week of adventures with the other foreigners brought us closer and I felt at home with them. As I sat on the train, barralling toward home, I reflected on how lucky I am. Within my 18 years of being alive I have been to Mexico, the bahamas, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, the USA, and Spain. And this is only the beginning. Traveling across the world or over a foreign border is an exiting new experience. No matter where you go you'll meet someone new or learn something extraodanary. For anyone with an open mind and courage, I suggest getting out into the world as soon as possible, whether it be within your own country or another like Spain.

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