Saturday, November 19, 2011


My host mom and I were talking about the movie "Greese" when an odd subject came up. She saw the structure of a "drive-in" for the first time while she was watching "Greese" but she didn't think they existed. I had to convince her that the hollywood movies were not making things up. Apparently there are no drive-ins in Belgium, maybe Europe either. It was a shock for me because it was a tradition for my family to go to the drive-in near my town every summer. We would pack blankets, chairs, cooking grills, food, frisbys, balls, and more into our car and drive to the drive-in. After we paid for our tickets we would search for a parking spot amoung all the other cars in the dirt parking lot. The third row in the middle was usually the best spot among the other spaces outside. We would unload our stuff and wait for the movie to start on the big outdoor movie screen. We would grill hotdogs and play frisby until it got dark because the commerciales would begin. If the weather was nice we would sit infront of our car and cover ourselves in blankets to watch the 3 different movies on the big screen but if it was cold we would simly sit in our car. Every few feet there would be a post with a speaker in each parking row so any person could hang it on their open car window to listen to the movie. Usually my parents would bring a stereo because it was practical and we could hear the movie better as it was projected on the big screen. Between each movie there would be a break so people could use the bathrooms, play games in the arcade, buy food, or mingle. After the movies ended around 2 o'clock in the morning my family would pack up our things and drive home to sleep for the duration of the morning. Going to the movie theatre is totally different compared to the drive-ins. Its more of an American ritual since it was invented in New Jersey in 1993. Nevertheless I want to show my host mom what the drive-ins are someday and give her the American experience of english films.

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