Thursday, November 17, 2011

Du Rhum, Des Femmes

I just got back from the most interesting event and I will try to describe it with accute detail.
I walked into the room where every senior student at St. Rock was gathering. It happens every Thursday during our second periode at school. I never know what to expect; sometimes the teachers relay information to the students or we do an activity. Today, we had to sing. We separated into two groups; the girls on one side of the room and the boys opposite. Without pause a teacher started the music and everyone began to sing. The religion teacher stood among the students and conducted the song with much enthusiasm. The song was kinda catchy but I couldn't stop giggling because it was about beer and girls. When my school goes on our field trip to Turkey, Germany, Hungary, the Czech republic, Prague, Austria, and Slovakia we are going to sing this song. It is probably the first and last time before the trip that we will sing the song but I enjoyed the vocal warm up.

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