Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving ;)

After school on Wednesday afternoon I boarded the 12:58 train like I usually do. Unlike my school in America, everyone in St. Rock finishes school before lunch every Wednesday. Ana, Odette, Manuela, Jaquline, and I gathered for our last get-together. Sadly, my Swiss friends, Jacqueline and Manuela, must return to Switzerland next Thursday. 3 months seemed too soon for them to leave but hopefully I will visit them in the future. After eating lots of the most delicious chocolate waffles in Liège and having a good time, I departed within the same train station (after I helped my friend find her bus). That Wednesday was particularly special because I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family. Thanksgiving is on the 24th but one day earlier did not make much of a difference. After I descended off the train my family picked me up and we went to the party at my friends house. Katie, my foreign exchange friend from Texas, skipped school to prepare the meal for that night. She literally got up at 10:00 am to start cooking with her host sister (who did not go to school either). Katie made most of the traditional foods that Americans usually eat for thanksgiving. It was difficult for her find supplies since most of the dishes were American but she went to the American food store (even though its expensive!). We ate turkey, potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie with wiped cream, salad (with ranch dressing which does not exist in Belgium), drank warm wine, and lots more. I felt at home sharing my tradition with all these belgians. When I come to think about it, thanksgiving is an odd holiday. Originally, way back in 1621, the first American thanksgiving dinner was eaten by colonists of Plymouth with the Wampanoag Indians during that autumn. President Lincoln finally made it a national holiday in 1863 during the Civil War. It's also recognized in Canada but is on a different day. In the end I take much joy in Thanksgiving because its a day just for eating awesome and delicious food.

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