Sunday, November 6, 2011

Le Deuxième Jour En Espagne

As I slept on the bus during my voyage to Spain my group crossed the French boarder. We stopped in Bordeaux to search for food. It was a Sunday so all the shops where closed. Eventually my group came across a McDonald's. The food options were practically the same but they had crêpes for dessert and other special french food choices. The whole morning we sat in McDonald's and talked until we had to get back on the road. The time didn't pass without a marvel because a group of people showed up in the most vivid costumes. It was the day before halloween but some people decided to get a head start and they wore costumes resembling the X-Men characters. When something that bizarre happens everyone wants to take a photo; so we surrounded them. They did not mind but it seems they parted as soon as they arrived. After that, when we arrived in Bilbao, we shopped
                                                        some more. During our visit, after a tour guide told us a bunch of history in french (which practically no one understood), we went to the local Carnival. My friend and I ate some delicious crêpes and other things. Eventually my german friend and I broke off from the group and entered a church. I felt so strang standing in this ancient building. The noise immediately was sucked up in a vacuum when we closed the door. I thought I had gone deaf. The air was stale with a sent of old paper. The lighting was dimmed except some rays of sunshine shining through the long, picturesque windows. As I glanced around I noticed a thin layer of dust on the vacant church benches. No other being was around in this ginormous building except the two of us and I was officially creeped out. It seemed more like a cave with a high celling than a dwelling for those who worship. Then, while we rode on the bus again, but this time heading toward the hotel, one of the exchange students from Thailand serenaded to me. As he sang "You Are Beautiful" I kept thinking about how beautiful his voice was. Finally, we got to the hotel and ate our late supper. My good german friend and I walked around the town until midnight, then found our way back to our room to sleep. It was an eventful day and I was wiped out and slept like I have never before. My favorite part of this day is when my thai friend sang on the bus because it was a moment I definitely will never forget.

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