Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ma Première Journée En Espagne

     The night before my voyage to Spain I could not sleep because I was so excited. My friend from Australia picked me up and we drove to the Liège-Guillemins train station to meet the others. Every time I see the train station in Liège I am awestruck. I don't know what it looked like before because it was modernized in 2009 but its quite extravagant. Despite the convenience of trains, we took a bus (so we wouldn't have to drag our luggage all over the country). I do not sleep on buses often and this trip reminded me why. I ended up sleeping on the floor that night because it was the most conformable spot. It was definitely better than sleeping on my bus partner who sat next to me. The bus was well furnished with its seat belts, bathroom, and T.V. Nevertheless, we always stopped at a gas station or a building so everyone could use the public bathrooms. When I attempted to use the bathrooms some people stopped me because it was not free of charge. In all the places I have been, I believe America is the only country that does not make pedestrians pay to use this necessary place. Its unfair to charge people to use the bathrooms because its a basic need in society, so why do they make it so difficult? To answer my own question, I think that Americans take the extra step to take care of its citizens. It is true that many places in other countries allow strangers to use their bathrooms but its not a requirement. Unwillingly I gave the borrowed money donated from my chaperons to the people standing guard in front of the bathroom door. Anyway, I was glad to get back on the bus. As we were leaving someone noticed a person was missing. We almost ditched one of the people who was using the bathroom. The chaperons were quite strict about timeliness. In the end, I have decided to avoid buses, expensive bathrooms, and the chance of being left behind.

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