Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Party of A Lifetime

I helped Kahli, my foreign exchange friend from Australia, cook, clean, and set up for her going away party for her last weekend in Belgium. It took us around 5 hours to accomplish everything but we were still running around, trying to finish while people started arriving. The problem was, was that none of us really knew how to cook (including kahlis host parents). For example, we had to make chocolate fondu but it did not turn out as we planned. First we threw chunks of chocolate into the oven, then tried to stir it after it melted. The chocolate was as thick as beef jerky so we dumped loads of cream into it. Still, it was stubbornly too thick so we set it in a bowl over boiling water to melt more. We were being super clumsy and loads of boiling water ended up mixed in with the chocolate. This procedure swallowed a lot of our time and we didn't know if it was all for nothing yet everyone at the party seemed to enjoy our messed up chocolate (but they didn't actually know what exactly was in it). Over all the food turned out fine. During the party I mostly danced and socialized with everyone. Both foreign and Belgian people were present so english and french was all mingled together. It wasn't until 3 o'clock in the morning until people attempted to go to sleep. About 35 people attended the party and half stayed to sleep over, including me. There were bodies all over the house but Kahlis parents didn't seem to mind. We had plenty of left overs to eat for breakfast and lunch the next day; I personally had a green bean, tomato salad sandwich (yum!). The party did not end after the first day or the morning after because we went to the Belgium Blegny Mine next door to Kahlis house. I already experienced the mine tour on a Rotary field trip but I didn't mind going again. I learned that Belgium was actually quite famous for its coal production before oil and other fuels became popular. It also turns out that 37% of electricity in the world is produced from coal. My Australian friend Odette invited me to go to a fair in the city of Liège afterwards and I agreed. I ate so much chocolate from the party that I didn't think I could eat more but I did. We ate Lackman, frites, and Odette and I rode lots of rides. It was hard to concentrate because each ride and concession stand played their own music, creating a huge wave of noise. I heard music of almost every language. I also noticed that many of the rides had names that were in english and not french. Sadly enough the day was coming to an end and Odettes family drove me home. I didn't eat dinner with Odette so I ate some soup then went straight to bed. It was a weekend well spent.

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