Wednesday, November 30, 2011

St. Nicholas

     Friday morning on the 25th of November I woke up earlier than usual, because today was a special day; today was St. Nicholas. My friends picked me up and drove me to school. All the students of 6ème shuffled into the cafeteria to eat chocolate bread and drink orange juice together. When we had our fill of sugery breakfeast food, my whole grade went outside to wait for the lower classmen. My friend described to me that every year on this date, the 6th graders wait at the gates of the school with lipstick at hand and colorful hair spray. When the younger students arrive the 6th graders attack them with the lipstick, hairspray, and other devices of destruction. On the other hand, we are supposed to vandalise our younger classmates only if they do not put money in our cups that we brought to school. Then, the 6th graders must use the money to buy beer in Vervier later that night because there is always a huge St. Nicolas party. The scene was insaine but very amusing. I felt strange begging the kids for money but, hey, I guess it's a tradition. I also didn't mind painting kisses on my classmates faces with lipstick.
     It was only the beginning because after the first two hours of class, the students of 6ème, including me, did not have any more courses. Instead, groups of students would roam around and disturb the rooms of the lower class men. My friends and I decided to help set up the gymnasium for the pep rally. Finally, my whole grade jumped on the stage to dance and sing to "Moussier Tombola- Logobitombo" in front of the rest of the school. It was easy to go with the crowd because everyone knew the dance routine according to the music video. When people started settling down the student organizers gave speeches, lead mini games and competitions, and hence forth. The event ended but the party just begun. My Belgian friends and I left school to go to Noël's house. We pretended to conjure spirits and played with the ouija board (even though its fake). My Belgian fiends are great actors when it comes to being possessed. Just for fun I sang to my friends. Apparently they think I am talented (I don't think so). Then, to top off the night, we watched a scary movie. Before we went to bed we ate ice cream for dessert around midnight. I really enjoyed the Belgian tradition of begging for money, vandalising peoples faces with lipstick, and sleeping over at my best Belgian friends house.

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