Friday, December 16, 2011

Liege Tragedy

Last Tuesday in Liege a man committed suicide after throwing a grenade into the crowd and shooting numerous people. Sadly, many were killed or injured. News like this does not happen often in Belgium but it did. Following this tragedy my Rotary leader sent me and every foreign exchange student an e-mail asking if we were ok. My host dad also saw the message so he helped me reply in french on my dads e-mail. The next day my Rotary leader sent me the same message. I thought he accidentally resent his electronic e-mail so I ignored it. Then, on the 3rd day after that Tuesday, my Rotary leader sent me another e-mail telling me that I was irresponsible for not responding to his message. He wanted to take a point away from my "drivers license" (a card Rotary gave me with 3 points on it. If Rotary takes away all 3 points then I must return home early). I felt distressed and confused because I responded beforehand. What had happened? I signed my name on the message after I sent it from my dads e-mail. It turns out that my Rotary leader thought I did not reply because I did not use my e-mail but my dads. It makes me wonder if he even read my message. My host parents helped me explain to him the situation but he was still angry. On the other hand, I can sympathize with his situation because his job is stressful. Nevertheless, I am glad he is not going to take my points away or send me home. For now on I must check my e-mails everyday because if I do not respond to Rotary in a timely manner then the consequences are heavily distributed.

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