Monday, January 30, 2012


     For the first time during my stay in Belgium, it snowed. The weather in Belgium is peculiar and changes every year - as my host mom says. This year was unlucky, however, it's better to receive snow in late January then none at all! My second host sisters and I look full advantage of the weather and went sledding, but only after we made peanut butter cookies.
     On other occasions my second host sisters ate cookies of various sorts, excluding those made with peanut butter. Belgians do not eat a lot of peanut butter like the Americans, so I wanted to share my tradition with them. We started right away with finding my peanut butter cookie recipe. The process was more elaborate than expected because all the measurements had to be converted from cups and teaspoons to grams, as well as, farenheit to celsius. When I took out the last sheet of cookies from the oven I surveyed the mess that my second host sisters and I managed to make. Following our feast of cookies with milk, we cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom until it literally shined.
     By the time we finished eating and cleaning, it was well into the afternoon; that did not stop us from going outside to sled in the backyard. Charlotte and Clemence tied the three sleds together and we three slid down the hill together. More than a million times we collided into one another or turned into the bushes, the trees, and the creek. Those 5 hours were wonderful moments that will always be in my memories.
     My second host mom returned home from her work while we were sledding. Another strike in Belgium stopped all public transportation and prevented many people from working, although my second host mom was not among them. Everyone ate more peanut butter cookies together and enjoyed each others company as the day came to an end.

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