Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Time to Say Goodbye

     I knew it would happen eventually, my departure into a new home and new host family, but it was still hard to believe. As a going away present to my host family, I dicided to cook for them. The meal was also a goodbye present to my friend Odette who must return to Australia on the 13th of January.
     The day after I returned to my house from Slovakia I asked my host mom if I could cook dinner for them the day after the next with my foreign exchange friends. My request was extremely late notice, but Christine gave me permission; besides, I was going to leave soon. The next day I asked Ana and Odette if they wanted to help me cook and they were extremely excited. Wednseday came around and after school my friends and I walked to my house to eat lunch together. We had 10 minutes to figure out what we were going to cook and to collect the list of supplies for the recipies because my host mom was going to bring us to the supermarket after she dropped my host sister off at her horse lessons.
     Ana, Odette, Christine, and I watched Louisa and her horse for a while then went on our way. At the supermarket, as I walked down the ailse; focused on finding the peanutes for our brownie surprise, my host grandma appeared. We made small talk then recommenced our search for the random ingridients. For our meal for nine people we bought a mountain of stuff, nevertheless, it's better to be safe then sorry.
     Christine drove us home and we began our preperations. In the middle of our attempt to sort the supplies, Odette had an epiphany that we forgot to buy tomatos. Time was still on our side and we left the house to trudge our way to town to a closer supermarket. On the way Odette bought a waffle - which are the best in the world - for all of us to share. Once we completed our mission and our mini-journey was complete we finished our cuisine. Ana made Empanadas - cheese stuffed dough fried over a pan - and Odette made a veggitarian snack - mozzerella cheese, cherie tomatos, and basial on toothpicks - for the entrée. Ana also offered us some banana chips from Equador (they actually tasted like chips!) and Equadorian chocolates. For the main meal we cooked spagetti noodles with a special tomato sause we invented. Last but not least, our desert was peanute, chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream. Everyone had a wonderful time and ate too much (like usual).
     During the meal I gave my host parents another goodbye present, apart from the meal. I bought them wine from Hungery when I was on my RHETO trip with my school. I am not a wine expert, although I am sure my Belgian family will like it since most french speaking people enjoy alcoholic beverages. We cleaned up, said our goodbyes, then went to our seperate beds to sleep off the gigantic meal we devoured.
     The meal I prepared with my friends was the perfect goodbye present for my host family and my friend Odette. The night couldn't have been any better, on the other hand, I still felt sad. It definitely was not goodbye forever but still... I was going to start a new adventure with a different family, even though I already found the perfect one. Nothing lasts forever, but I still can say never say never because my host family and Odette will always be my friends and family no matter where we are.

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