Thursday, January 19, 2012

Movie Drama

     Before I left for my RHETO trip with my school to Slovakia I wanted to do something specail with my host mom, so I bought the movie called, "Coco Chanel." I was filled with excitement because it would be the first movie I was going to see it with just my host mom. We quickly gobbled down our super and went over to the T.V. to begin our host mother and host daughter movie night. Christine put the movie in the DvD player, but the disc did not play. My host sister came home later and she told us that she knew the DvD player was broken, but besides the point, it was only after my host parents and I spent a half an hour attempting to get the movie to play. Some people would have been totally disappointed, except I felt the contrary. It did not matter whether I would watch a certain movie with Christine; what meant a lot to me was spending time with my host mom. As an alternative, we watched some random T.V. channel and talked until we were too tired to stay awake. I did not get to see Coco Chanel - a fantastic movie according to my closest friends - on the other hand, I had a fantastic time just talking with my awesome host mom.


  1. That's so sweet. You'll have to keep in touch.

  2. That was you friend jake by the way