Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Opera

     My first Belgian Opera was with Rotary in Liège. It was fun dressing up and seeing friends. On the other hand, the car situation was a little difficult. My councilor thought my host mom was going to drive me to the concert but that was not true, so I had to find a chauffeur for me and my other Rotary friends. My Rotary leader saved the day and asked an adult for us. The night of the Opera the unknown driver came and picked up Estefy, Maddie, and myself. Three other girls were already in the car, forcing Maddie to ride in the crowded trunk. My situation was not any better because three girls and I crunched in the middle seat; we were practically breathing on each others faces and sitting on one another.
     Within an hour we arrived at our destination and everyone jumped out hastily. We walked inside a giant, heated tent. Food and drinks were everywhere and if I did not know any better, I would have thought the area was inside a luxurious building. I took a seat and the Opera started. The singers wore colorful costumes that reminded me of clown costumes. Their attire included; big, white wigs, flashy colored coats, high heeled shoes, and skirts large enough to fit two people inside. The story sung to us was about a love affair and a confusing situation including a hore house. Practically no one was paying attention to the plain concert.
     In due time the Opera ended and our driver came to drive us home. I talked to the driver and she told me about her childhood in Germany and moving to Belgium for her Belgian husband. It was a true love story and the time passed quicker than I imagined. I retold the event when I came home to my host parents. Even though my host mom could not come she regretted not going; she never went to a french Opera before. In reply, I commented that the Opera was not as grand as she thought, but, in the future, it would be fun to watch an Opera with her.
       My first Belgian Opera was not as glorious as I expected. The singers were distinguished artists who played their role perfectly, but it was not my gig. For the next time, I hope to watch an Italian Opera with my first host parents.

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