Wednesday, January 25, 2012

RHETO Extravaganza: 10/1/2012

     I had another early morning from waking up so early to take a shower. It was a smart idea because when I finished a gang of girls swarmed around the shower door, waiting for their turn. The packing process went quickly and the buses were on the road by ten o'clock. Our next stop was at huge Polish castle. The entrance was blocked, which confused the teacher. Despite our surprise, some guys, my teacher, and I toured the outside of the castle. It took us 2 whole hours, nevertheless, the time was worth it. The size was unbelievable. The stone walls stood tall, even with its eroding patches. The bare widows allowed us to peak in and see the cobble stone streets and the winding staircases. The castle was magnificent in concerns to its age and architectural structure.
     The other students who were not the climbing type stayed behind and were impatient at our return, provoked by the fact that the buses were supposed to leave an hour before hand. I boarded the bus and we were gaining millage again. My teacher played one of his strange movies to pass the time. The collection of films the teacher had were not entertaining for the young students because they were old movies that did not relate to recent times. With relief, we arrived in Slovakia to meet our host families.
     My correspondent came up to me when I disbanded the bus and lead me to her car. She was a brunette fifteen year old girl who stood about a foot taller than I. Lucia had a thin physic; probably from her passion for basketball. On our way to her house she told me about her hobbies and her family. When we arrived at her house I met Lucia's parents. Lucia spoke french, english, and Slovakian, but her parents only spoke Slovakian and some english. We talked for a few minutes then sat down to eat. The timing for dinner was a huge surprise for me because it was only five o'clock. In America I ate around the same time, on the contrary, in Belgium I ate with my host family sometime pas 7 and so the food schedule was strange for me.
     Lucia told me we were going to eat at her grandparents house from then on because the duration of my stay would be at their apartment. Her grandparents were really nice and previously made a cake as a celebration of my arrival. During our snack I couldn't help but stare at Lydias grandma; her hair was the color of pink cotton candy. Lucia's pinked haired grandma and normal haired grandpa drove us to a restaurant with a bar. Many Belgians and their correspondents made a rendezvous at the same place. I tried a new drink that included mint leaves and soda that tasted like lemon flavored sprite, filled with little chunks of ice (it was delectable). When we got tired, Lucias dad brought us back to the grandparents house.

     When I look back on my day I consider myself lucky to have been able to explore a real castle and to have the opportunity to meet my new correspondent named Lucia who I would stay with for five days. I felt bad that Lucia and her family had to wait a long time at the rendezvous for my arrival in cause of our tardiness from the castle. Lucias family still accepted me and her grandparents embraced me into their home with open arms and warm welcomes.

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