Wednesday, January 25, 2012

RHETO Extravaganza: 15/1/2012

     I was woken up by a commotion on the bus, signaling our arrival at a rest stop. My classmates and I were passing through Germany to return to Belgium. It seemed like centuries ago since we were in Slovakia with our correspondents. The bus stopped near a few restaurants and shops where I discovered a Burger King. The fast food restaurant displayed all their menus in German. Last September I have been studying German, nevertheless, the writing on the menus were too complex for me.
     In due time the bus left and brought us back to St. Rock. Families waited patiently as the students arranged the luggage. My host parents were working, so I walked home. I did not mind talking a stroll back to my house; I needed some time to wake up! I looked at my luggage lumped in a pile in my room and decided to take a bath. It did not take too much considering on my part, since it had been 10 days hence I have not had a sufficient shower or bath. My face lighted up with joy when my host family walked through the door. During the whole field trip I was missing Christine, Pascal, and Lousia. It was good to be home at last.

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