Wednesday, January 25, 2012

RHETO Extravaganza: 6/1/2012

     On my second day of the RHETO trip I was awakened by the voice of my religion teacher, Monsieur Jacqueman, as his announcements were projected on the speakers. It was a rude awakening but it was only the beginning of a series of exhilarating and disappointing events. I almost wanted to return to my home and eat more of "Le Galette Des Rois" that my host mom, Christine, made me the night before. This was a journey and an adventure that had its unexpected moments.
     After getting myself together after a long night on the bus, my classmates and I disbanded and breathed in the fresh air of the Czech Republic. While walking down the road it came to my attention that breakfast would not be provided to the students by the teachers. I was at a disadvantage because I forgot the fact that I needed to pack a breakfast and our group was not near any food venders. On the other hand, Pauleen, one of my good Belgian friends, generously shared her cereal with me.
     The cereal held me over for the time being, moreover, the amazing views of the city of Progue drew my attention away from my hunger. From my location on the hill I surveyed the churches, castles, bazar buildings, and the sort standing together under the rising sun projecting an image indescribable.
     I could stand planted before this majestic mosaic of historic buildings for an eternity but the teachers began their process of separating people into small traveling groups. My eyes kept wandering to the city of Progue on the horizon, causing me to wander between groups. I ended up loosing site of my original group but everyone was going to get the change to engage in the same experiences, just in a different order. During our tour the teachers lectured about history and information that people naturally forget after it's told.
     The morning passed quickly during my journey through Prague and eventually the teachers gave the students freedom to explore the streets for themselves. The Czech Republic is not apart of the European Union so I had to exchange the Euro which I exchanged before hand from the dollar. I did not buy anything in particular except a Pita sandwich that was the size of my head. Following our lunch pose most of my time was spent watching artists painting and listening to the street musicians.
     These moments during my walk through Prague would have been perfect if it had not been for the deathly cold air that wiped me in the face at unexpected intervals. My teacher also disturbed my tranquility with a spontaneous interview. The same teacher has done this to me so many times that I would be more surprised if he did not seek me out to question me about the buildings, my experience, and whatever was on his mind.
     With pleasure I boarded one of the two buses after the long expedition in Prague. Our next destination was a hotel near a little Czechaslovakian town. The buses parked remarkably far from our little hotel causing everyone to partake in a long walk. I had no difficulty lugging my small bags through the mountains of snow but others were not so lucky. At our arrival confusion arose everywhere. People left and right were trying to reserve a room for their friends and impatiently bombarded the teachers with demands. I ended up in a room with 7 other girls. To this day I believe girls are the most aggressive in deciding sleeping arrangements because my classmate wanted to fight me to the death for a bed. Being the benevolent person I am I let her have it because her arrogance was not worth my time.
     Thereon at the hotel I took a shower with my two friends. During my shower the lights switched off and the three of us squealed in astonishment. The lights were motion censored so we had to exit our shower stalls for an instant but a moment later we all screamed again in bewilderment. A gang of boys entered the bathroom while we were half naked. Apparently there was a confusion about whether the shower room was for the boys or girls.
     I finished my shower then went down to eat. We were served breaded, fried hot dogs and in a normal situation I would not eat the disaster laying on my plate, but I was dying of hunger. The night improved when I joined my roommates in a game of cards. My comrades were charming and taught me new french words and card games. I lost track of time and did not fall asleep until eleven that night.
     The morning seemed a century ago as I reflect on that day when my teacher brought me to consciousness with his boasts. My journey lead to my first visite to Prauge in the Czech Republic. My friends and I survived the night at our first hotel, even with the event with the boys interrupting our shower and the food that kills on sight.

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