Wednesday, January 25, 2012

RHETO Extravaganza: 9/1/2012

     While my friends slept, I woke up earlier than usually naturally; so I got ready for the day. My friends   got ready not too long after me, then we went to the supermarket again. We were all addicted to shopping since we arrived in the Czech Republic because everything was so cheap. For example, Milka, special European chocolate, is usually 2-3 euros in Belgium (2.59-3.89 dollars), on the other hand, in the Czech Republic, I spent less than one euro (1.30 dollars). My friends bought enough cookies to last them a few meals.
     After our shopping spree, we visited the Polish mountains. All the students and teachers boarded a trolly that went straight to the top of the mountain. Some people brought sleds and started to race down some of the smaller hills at the top of the mountain. The weather changed drastically at the top of the mountain due to the altitude. It must have been at least ten degrees colder, moreover, it was colder than it was from the bottom of the mountain (and it was already freezing at the base of the mountain!). By the time my friends and I were allowed to leave, my hands were turning blue, besides my blue lips!
     I went back to my room in the bed and breakfast to reestablish feeling in my hands, feet, and body. Many others followed suit and we socialized to pass the time. Eventually, people gathered in the game room to practice the french songs we were going to sing to the Slovakians. My teacher, monsieur Jackmann, took on the role of the enthusiastic conductor. In fact, I think we were more unorganized when he tried to lead us because he was so confusing. I paid him no attention because  I was focused on the songs. Before, none of the lyrics meant anything to me, but at that moment, I understood!
     We sang until late, which caused us to be late for our dinner. Ever since our trip began the Belgians have been in a riot about the foreign foods they have been served. Most of my classmates resorted to eating just bread. The owners of the bed and breakfast noticed their food strike and it caused them to be angry. While people filed passed them and deposited their dirty dishes with most of the meal on it, the owners stared at them with indifferent faces. Their impression made me feel a little threatened!
     That night my friend Ana invited me out to go to the local dance club. I wanted to go and I prepared to leave, but it was already late and I wanted to party with my other friends. The beginning of our mini-party started out smoothly and even some of our musicians wiped out their guitars to entertain us. It still might have been the wrong decision for me to have stayed because people were getting drunk fast and they were getting a little crazy. My roommates finally had enough and made everyone leave.
     I had to use the bathroom shortly after and when I came back to my door I saw an extremely drunk student walking toward the same direction. I ran into my room and bolted the door; a few seconds later the boy was jerking the door handle, trying to gain entrance. My friends and I were afraid and thankfully the boy went away.
     In the morning I bought a boat load of junk at the supermarket due to the prices, went sledding on a mountain, then partied again with my friends. I have never seen beautiful mountains like the ones in the Czech Republic. The weather was not perfect, however, I still had a great time walking around outside on top of the buffalo sized snow mounds. To top off the night, my classmates and I sang and stayed up way too late as usual.

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