Monday, January 2, 2012

Saarland, Deutschland: 27/12

     The next morning in Püttlingen Sarah and I woke up at 9:30 am and slowly got ready for the day to go into Saarbrücken. We walked to the bus stop near Sarahs house, but she was not sure if it was the correct one. We started to walk away but I looked back just in case and, voila, the bus was heading for the bus stop. We turned on our heals and ran back and hopped on the bus. Then, following the bus ride, we switched to the trains. We walked around Püttlingen at our arrival and started doing some major shopping. During our extravaganza, I found a random pair of shoes lying near a fountain. It made me wonder what happened to the shoeless owner. We kept on going and eventually found an H&M store where we bought some clothes. While we were trying on the clothes a women was trying to kick us out of the changing cabinet. We did not listen to her because it was our turn but she swore at us nevertheless. Almost every time a store has many sales (especially after christmas) the customers are more rude and impatient. We got out of there as soon as possible because I did not like the feeling of being surrounded by angery people. Sarah and I discovered a fish restaurant and bought some fish wraps in between our shopping spree. On our way back we passed by the fountain we saw before and the shoes were still there! No one was going to claim them so I took them off the street. I was going to throw them into the garbage, because I hate littering and I thinks its irresponsible, but I kept them and cleaned them off since the shoes were stylish. On our way to the train station we stopped at an ice cream shop for fun. Sarah was still hungry but I did not have the same compulsion to eat ice cream, however, after talking to the hot Italy vender for a while he convinced me to buy some. He was totally worth the 0.90 euros I payed for the coconut ice cream cone.
     The moment after we boarded the train I had an epiphany; I forgot to buy a train ticket. It did not cross my mind that the trains in Germany are different. In Belgium I can buy a ticket on the train but its not the same story for German trains. Sarah did not think twice about this rule because she had a bus/train card for the year that allows her to travel without buying paper tickets in Saarland. By chance no one checked to see if I had a ticket.
    At Sarah's house we attempted to cook soup. She put too much water in it so it was like a pond of mushroom soup. In her opinion, if the soup was cooked longer it would make the soup better but it did not make much of a difference after an hour or two. The liquidy soup was not bad in the end, but I don't think I would want to spend hours on end cooking soup again. Before we went to sleep, Sarah and I watched a scary movie called "White Noise." I think after all these years of watching scary movies I have become desensitized to the scariness of those horror movies. I slept soundly after we finished our movie.
     Püttlingen was full of amusing activities, as well as, at Sarah's house. If I could re-do this day, I wouldn't change a thing; even the watery, pond-like mushroom soup.

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