Monday, January 2, 2012

Saarland, Deutschland: 28/12

"Don't let the successes go to your head or the failures go to your head."-- Sarah's quote for the day.
     Every night Sarah sets the alarm for 8:30 am; the only problem is, is that we don't actually wake up. I finally woke up but Sarah insisted to sleep more, so I played Lego Star Wars with Sarahs host brother. He spoke to me non-stop, but I didnt know German. All I said was "ja" or "vielleicht." Sarah and I ate  parfaits'* when she woke up, then went outside to plant some flowers. Sarah bought the flowers for her host mom as a christmas gift and she wanted to plant them as soon as possible. It was so cold that I thought my fingers would fall off! We had to stop to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and to regain feeling in our hands and feet.
     Afterwards, we walked around Püttlingen again. We entered a 1 euro store that resembled the 1 dollar stores in America. I bought some bread so we could feed the ducks near a local pond. There were millions of birds and they followed us around after we fed them. It was quite the sight to see. We returned to Sarah's house to eat a snack then went into Völklingen. There was a "Globus" -- the Walmart version of a grocery store. I found a gift for my parents and Sarah bought chocolate for her pleasure. As we roamed around Sarah spotted some message chairs. From the moment I sat down I fell in love with the message chair. We did not move from that spot until an hour later. Other people were giving us the look that signaled their desire to use the chairs so Sarah and I slowly got up and left. The time came to find our bus, but Sarah was, again, unsure where the bus was. It wasn't a problem because the bus presented itself in front of us. We got home, at soup and cake, and drank honey milk. I would never have imagined that honey milk would be so delicious. Roma, Sarahs host mom, showed us the drink because, one, its absolutely tasteful, and two, it calms the nerves and cures stomach sickness.
Parfait*-- A dish that includes yogurt and granola cereal. This delicious parfait is usually eaten for breakfast. If you want to be creative, you can add fruits or brown sugar as well.

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