Monday, January 2, 2012

Saarland, Deutschland: 29/12

     The next morning was, as the french would say, "train train quotidien." I got up, took a shower, got dressed, and so on and so forth. Sarah wanted to make eggs and sausages with toast and orange juice, so we had our fill of a traditional English breakfast. Our activity for the day was to explore a local coal hill. When the coal miners worked, they dumped the leftover dirt into such a huge pile that it became a gigantic hill fused with the other bluffs. At the top of the hill stood a cross towering over benches that were scattered around. The wind gained energy the higher Sarah and I climbed and by the time we reached the top I thought I would be blown away like a kite. Roma, Sarah's host mom, drove us to the hill because she was driving her son to tennis practice.
     Sarah and I had to make our way home afterwards and consequently we did not know the exact rout home. After wandering around for a few hours we finally found her house. I enjoy walking and exploring, so our mini adventure was a delight for me. Oliver set up the Wii for us but I do not play video games a lot so we stopped after a while and just talked until we fell asleep.
     It may seem like this day did not include much but it was special. How many people can say that they climbed a coal hill? What really made that day particularly grand was passing the time with my best friend.

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