Monday, January 2, 2012

Saarland, Deutschland: 30/12

     Our last full day together was well spent, mostly on shopping. Sarah and I tried to get up earlier than usually but it did not work out as intended. Sarah is not much of an early riser like I am. So when the alarm went off and I jumped up and moved around with the energy of a squirl, Sarah just side glanced at me and fell back asleep. In the end, we left around the same time as usual. Unfortunatly, since we were leaving so late, we missed our bus. An old man saw me running after the bus and understood our situation so he hinted to us that the bus was making a loop and it would stop at a bus stop near us. We thanked the man with much gratitude. In comparison with my 8 euro ticket from Luxembourg to Saarland, the 3.10 euros for the bus ride to the next town was expensive. I don't mind spending money on traveling expenses but its not a cheap date.
     When we switched to the train Sarah wanted to buy a train ticket because she did not know if her bus/train card would work. It's a good thing she did buy one because the train collector checked her ticket.
I on the other hand, did not buy a train ticket. Sarah was freaking out but she was overracting. I showed the ticket collector my bus ticket and it was sufficient. My ticket was valid for any transportation but Sarah was still wary. I also think the ticket collector was gracious to us because we are foreigners. We walked into Saarlouis and shopped some more. The area was beautiful. There were cathadriles, churches, museums, and things of the sort. The main courtyard in the town was surrounded by trees that resembled the tree from "Harry Potter" that attacked him and his gang. We stopped in a perfume store to see if it had anything special. I picked up one of the various bottles of perfume to try the sent on my arm. I miss my arm completely and instead sprayed a buff of smelly perfume into Sarahs eyes. I do believe the mist of perfume is toxic, expecially for the eyes. Sarah did not enjoy perfume in her eyes but she was easygoing and said she smelt better at the moment.
     At one point we stopped at a tourist information building to gain a better knowledge of the area. A women appeared from behind her desk to hand us millions of brochurs. Communication was slightly difficult but we got our points across.
         On our way home we took the train through Völklinger. We wanted to go to the "Globus" because we wanted to use the message chairs again. An attractive guy happened to be working at the grocery store. I think he was trying to hit on us because he kept looking at us or maybe he wanted to use the message chairs as well. Sarah and I found the make-up section in the store to pass the time before the bus came. We missed our bus stop going home so we had to walk a little longer than usual. Sarah and I had the house to ourselves so we started to make spinach and potatos. Roma, Sarah's host mom, came home during the middle of our cooking session. She bought us those microwave dinners, but it was too late by that time since our spinach was cooking on the stove. We did, however, attempt to eat the 7 bars of Milka chocolate Roma bought for us.
     Oliver, Sarah's host dad, and I had an ongoing conversation during dinner. We disputed about the army, chocolate, art, and ect. I discovered that it was just this year that it is not compulsory for Germans to join the military. On the other hand, Swiss men are required to go to basic training for the military. In America, the citizens may decide if they want to join the military.
     Afterwards, Sarah skyped her parents so I had to entertain myself. I gave Oliver and Roma some licorish and then watched "Coco Chanel" with them. Roma never tasted licorish before and she thought it was ok. They gave me so much food like gummy bears, chocolate bars, a chocolate donute, gummy snails, ect. Sarah came back eventually to steal me away. I did not finish the movie but it was in German, henceforth, I did not understand much anyway. We painted each others nails then passed out from exastion.
     From the beginning to end of our journey, we experienced much. We managed to miss our bus, explore many interesting buildings, get free massages, argue about the military, eat lots of junk food, and more. I am sure by the time I leave Germany I will know the area where Sarah live like the back of my hand.     

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