Monday, January 2, 2012

Saarland, Deutschland: 31/12

     My first thought when I woke up was that today was my last day with Sarah. The whole family ate breakfest together with me for the last time as well. As Roma, Sarah's host mom, ate she mentioned that her yogert has been disapearing. The reason her yogert miraculously vanished from the refrigerator is because I have been eating her yogert since the day I arrived. I felt bad but if I ever go back to Germany I will make sure to buy her a pack of yogert as a peace offering. Oliver drove Sarah and me to the bus station. We made small talk and stood in each others company as we waited for my bus. While the bus drove away we all waved to each other, knowing that I probably would not see Sarah again until my return to America. The bus ride was fine and I eventually switched to a train. In between trains I  found a book store. The next adition of "Eragon" was on the shelf and it entertained me for most of the time. When I looked at the magazines on the opposite wall I was surprised to see naked women on the covers. Europe is more open about nakedness than violence, which is the opposite in America. I got on the train again, came home, and celebrated new years with my family. Toward the end of our visit I fell asleep next to my host dad. It was extremely difficult to leave because I just wanted to sleep. Around 4 o'clock in the morning I fell into my bed to sleep for the few hours of darkness that remained.
     My last day with Sarah was spent eating breakfest with her family and waiting for the bus. The 5 hours on the train and bus included reading books and traveling peacefully. New years was celebrated with my host family and their friends. The day was longer than usual in consequence of the new years holiday but it lead to a nice long nap afterwards. My adventure in Germany began and ended so fast. I am glad to be back in Belgium with my host family despite my regret of leaving Germany.

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