Sunday, March 11, 2012

Forgotten or Ignored?

     During each Tuesday, my councelor schedules reunions and invites the exchange students  once in a while which includes Estefy and I. Pierre, my councelor, e-mailed me a week in advance to tell me to come to the obligitory meeting. Each time I find the reunions interesting and entertaining. One of the Rotary members usually picks me up from my house to drive me to the restaurant, then when the Rotary party is finish, he brings be back. I make small talk with the elderly Rotarians, eat the delicious food, talk some more, then leave. This Tuesday was different.
     I left school early because my teacher was sick. My friend offered me to stay at her place for a while, but I rejected her invitation because of my Rotary meeting. When I came home I had time to bake cookies and to get ready (dress up and do my make-up and hair). The time passed slowly and after a half an hour after the rendezvous time for the Rotarian to pick me up I sat at the kitchen table wondering where he was. Expecting a reply at the front door or a phone call, I waited in silence and with patience. Eventually, I called Pierre and asked him if there was actually a meeting that night (I could have been mistaken on the date or time). Pierre replied he did schedule a Rotary meeting and that the Rotarian probably forgot to pick me up since he was sitting across the table from him. I politely told him that it was no big deal when he told me it was too late for someone to come and bring me to the party. After I hung up the phone I felt hurt that my Rotarian and concelor either forgot me or was ignoring me: I started to cry. In reality, it was no big deal, on the other hand, I prepared and waited the whole night for Pierre's event and he stood me up. He didn't even say he was sorry...
     This was not the first time that Pierre didn't come through for me. Some Rotary events are distant, so the Rotary exchange relies on the individual Rotary councelors to drive the exchange students to the get togethers. Every time this type of situation presented itself, Pierre told Estefy and I that he was busy, couldn't drive us, and didn't have the time to search for someone to give us a ride. The Belgium Rotary leader usually helped us find a chaufer, but it was difficult (his job occupies him a lot and it was not supposed to be his job to find someone to take care of Estefy and I).
     Unfortunately, Estefy and Pierre also had some bad experiences together. Toward the beginning of the exchange, Estefy told Pierre that she was having problems with her host family and wanted to change. Pierre sent an e-mail saying that he will try to help Estefy with her problem to everyone; including me, Estefy's host family, and other random people. Estefy's family saw the e-mail and they had a long and awkward conversation, however, Estefy didn't fix the problem with her family (she didn't have the confidence). Her third host family offered to take her in, but Pierre said no. By this point, Estefy's first host family knew that she was not happy with them and the duration of her stay turned from bad to worse. To this day, I am unsure of the solid facts of the situation; in the end, Pierre didn't assist Estefy but made her position worse.
     I am not ungrateful for my councilor because he probably does things for me that I do not know about; I still feel he regrets being my councilor. That night, when he forgot me, left a mark. It's not my wish to portray Pierre as a bad man, only to retell his actions the way I interpret them.

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