Monday, March 5, 2012

The New Haircut

     Many people, especially girls, love to die their hair a different color to make their natural color disappear from the public eye. My step mom from the states strongly suggested I dye my hair blond, so I did. After my decision I was really unhappy because my hair was not the same shade of blond and, when I came to Belgium, my hair started turning a semi-dark brown pigment (due to the lack of sunlight). It took only a few months for the contrast between my hair colors to be evident to everyone. During one night I asked my host mom to schedule a haircut appointment for me. She follow through with her promise and I got a haircut last friday. Règine dropped me off, but before she left she instructed the workers what to do about my hair. Within a few hours I walked out of the store with a new look and 75 euros less. Règine had good intentions about helping me decide what to do about my hair, however, it costed more than I expected and it hurt me financially. Mistakes happen and I am not complaining about my awesome new head of hair. On the other hand, the next time I must be more careful.

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