Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Skiing in the Alps: 17/2/2011

     My Friday school day ended earlier than usual because Règine, my second host mom, decided to pick me up from school to start our trip to the Alps as soon as was possible. The problem was, was that I did not check my phone until later that day, preventing me from noticing the new message from my second host mom. Apparently, Règine; her family, and her friends, wanted leave ahead of schedule and Règine wanted to pick me up before our rendezvous time. The instant I saw the message I ran outside and she was already waiting on the side of the road in her car. Quicker than I thought possible, Règine drove us to her house to pick up our baggage, then were on our way to her grandparents house. We waited longer than was expected for Règine's daughter Floureen and Floureen's boyfriend Stephen to arrive. They told Règine to pick me up earlier because they thought they were ready, yet they had other business to attend to. We rushed for no reason and left for our trip later than the first appointed time, on the other hand, I was relieved -  it's better to begin a journey instead of abandoning it completely due to a little bad luck.
     Since we left later on the schedule, we hit traffic the instant we got on the highway. Floureen was studying english vocabulary from her college and asked me to help her, so we practiced our language skills to pass the time. Stephen drove until 2 o'clock in the morning until we arrived at the hostel in a city near the Alps. The owner of the hostel stayed awake to let us in. I did not give much thought to anything other than the need to find a bed. In our hotel room I fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow.
     The first day of my vacation during Carnival week did not lead to the Alps (since day 2 was our arrival date), but we already made lots of progress. We got off on a rough start when communication between each party was disorganized, leading to our late departure. The good news is, is that if all the mistakes were made in the beginning and left the ending to nothing but an improvement.


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