Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Skiing in the Alps 21/2/2011

     Instead of being woken up at 7:00 a.m., Marie woke Règine, Fred, and I up around 6 a.m. Maire is a wonderful and fun person, but when anyone starts the day super early, then its hard to be forgiving. Luckily, I am a morning person, so I was not as affected as much as the others in regards to their attitudes. At 7:00 a.m. I managed to pull myself out of bed to join my group to eat "le pain perdu" - bread soaked in egg batter and fried on a pan (after it's cooked its usually eaten with loads of sugar on the surface). I must have eaten enough "pain perdu" to feed a cow.
     We managed to leave earlier than usual and the paths were vacant. The third day of our skiing adventure was the charm because I was moving down the mountain like a professional (I am exaggerating of course). I still slipped and ended up on my back more times than I can count. Within a few hours my group members wanted to stop at a nearby restaurant on "le courchevel" - an extremely expensive ski zone due to the high prices for the food and products. The restaurant was markedly fancy and high class. Mahogony tables and cushioned chairs were aligned on the massive patio. I took a seat and stared at the desert table near us with various exotic and presentable cakes, pies, cookies, and puddings. A row of wine was impressioned in the snow that wrapped around the patio. Even the waiters were classy with their stripped white and back shirts and the classic beret. Règine and I packed our lunch before hand and resisted buying the expensive food on the menu. Marie bought a hamburger and french fries for Fred that was worth 24 euros! Règine mentioned that this station was the most expensive in the mountains, however, it attracted many famous people (none were present because they come while there are fewer people).
     Unfortunately, while we were back on the path, Floureen's leg was in pain and we had to take a 45 minute break. It was surprisingly hot in the mountains and I had to take off my jacket and I laid it on the 5 inch thick snow. We skied to another rest stop to drink hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream on top before heading back.
     I saw a little market set up near our hotel at our return. Règine and I walked through it and I managed to eat a meal consisting of cheese, meat, and candy. My favorite aspect of a small market is, is that they always have delicious free samples. Règine bought some cheese that smelled like decaying bodies and jars of honey. We ate together then watched Stewert little 2 in french. I was sitting on the couch and petting Marie's dog that she brought along for the week. I noticed the dog was calmer than usual, not because she was tired, but because she was not moving around as much. It turns out that I pushed her in-between the couch cushions when I was petting her, preventing Marie's dog from the ability to maneuver. Marie thought it was funny and couldn't stop laughing for a long time. Her face turned redder than her sun tan; in fact, we were all as red as tomatoes from all the sun exposure.
     When the movie finished everyone dispersed to their own beds. Within an hour I heard a snarling noise. The others must have fallen asleep already; I was the exception. I rolled out of my bed to search for the source of noise with heavy eye lids and stiff legs. Near the shoe rack, Marries dog was sleeping heavily and snored loudly like she was holding a loudspeaker to her face. The poor animal was laying on the hard floor, so I picked her up and placed her in the small dog bed in the corner. People and animals snore caused by the inability to breath properly and I was happy to fix the problem for the dog. Marries dog stopped snoring like it was magic and I slept soundly in the calm silence.
     From an early morning to a late, noisy night, my ski group and I skied again on the Alps and shopped in a small market. The courchevel section was extremely expensive and I found it unfortunate that Marrie bought a hamburger worth the price of 20 Belgian chocolates. The movie was relaxing while watching it with my host mom and new friends. Marrie''s dog also joined our company and accidentally fell asleep on the hard floor (probably because she was as tired as we were!).

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